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Jiangxi De Yi Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.

Telephone: 0794-8301001

Address: Fuzhou golden Ni Road No. 198 Park A7 building 3 floor

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  Jiangxi science and Technology Co., Ltd is located in Fuzhou province Jiangxi high tech Development Zone, covers an area of 450 acres, is a high-tech enterprise, the project industry planning involves products, technology is the five national strategic emerging industry development direction. With the development of semiconductor material in the two generation and the three generation of semiconductor materials, high temperature semiconductor materials, semiconductor materials, silicon materials for the first generation of semiconductor materials, the development of the indirect band gap semiconductor material. Jiangxi Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. aimed at high-end products, the use of new technologies, new processes, engaged in GaAs (GaAs) wafer, germanium (Ge) wafer and indium indium indium (InP), silicon carbide (SiC) wafer and other semiconductor materials production and processing, as, gallium, germanium, indium and other high purity, ultra high purity semiconductor materials production and its recycling and purification, as well as the three - methyl MO and other source. Company products with high power density, low phase noise, high linearity and other characteristics, which is widely used in the field of Microelectronics (mobile communications, radar, satellite communications, precision guidance), optoelectronic field (laser, light-emitting diode), and solar energy fields, etc., mainly exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States market.

Address: Fuzhou golden Ni Road No. 198 Park Building 3 floor A7 plane: 0794-8301001

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